I have Dementia

Information for People who have had a dementia diagnosis. It is quite common for people to experience a number of emotions following a diagnosis of dementia…

I support someone with dementia

Do you provide support for someone with dementia? It is currently estimated that there are over 800 000 people in the UK caring for someone who has had a dementia…

I would like more information about dementia

Do you know how to spot the signs and symptoms of dementia in yourself and others…

Reducing your risks of developing dementia

Find out about the lifestyle changes you can make which may reduce your risks of developing dementia…

Living well with dementia

Information, advice and tools to help you live well with your condition…

Dementia Friendly Communities

To find out about Coventry and Warwickshire’s Commitment to become Dementia Friendly Communities and how you can get involved….

Find Dementia services near you

I am a social care or health practitioner who works with people with dementia
Visit our specialist information around the latest services for people with dementia and the dementia pathway across both health and social care.

Living Well With Dementia Coventry and Warwickshire: The Strategy
Read Warwickshire’s Living Well with Dementia Strategy.

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